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"Capitalism TM"


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Release: 2020
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Rotersand - Capitalism TM CD

CD in 6-panel digipak 18-pages fold-out poster booklet

It is a subtle process, one that has been taking decades and that yet is not to be made undone. We become slaves without realizing it. Slaves to ourselves, biased towards exploiting ourselves in the name of self-fulfillment. We get sucked dry by treacherous achievements and allow ourselves to shatter our dreams to pieces. Man has become entangled in its own spider web, is becoming transparent in social media, consumes to fill the void, falls and does not even notice in his hubris. Welcome to this brave new world of our own design. Welcome to "Capitalism TM".

ROTERSAND have risen to the ...
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1.Not Alone
2.It's About Us
3.Capitalism Tm (We Own You)
4.Torn Realities
6.Welcome Home
7.Hey You
8.You're Nothing