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"Truth Is Fanatic (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: 2021
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Rotersand - Truth Is Fanatic (Limited Edition) 2CD

- 2CD book edition (hardcover, 18x18cm, 36 pages) with extended artwork, lyrics and 2x liner notes (Rascal & “The News”), 6 bonus tracks (500 copies available)

ROTERSAND's defining classics "Truth Is ...
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1.Truth Is Fanatic
2.Almost Violent
3.Content Killer
4.Electronic World Transmission
5.The Fire
6.Social Distortion
7.One Level Down
8.Merging Oceans
10.Move On
11.Sonic Agony
13.Lifelight Demo Version
14.Merging Oceans (Demo Version)
15.Logic Supreme (Demo Version)
16.One Thousand Beats
17.The Spirit Of Dark Raver (Original)
18.The Spirit Of Dark Raver (Long Ride)