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"Waiting To Be Born"



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Rotersand - Waiting To Be Born MCD

European release deleted since December 2012! Originally released in September 2010 on Trisol. One of the most emotional songs on “Random is Resistance” as 9-tracks (!) EP, that also features not less than 3 exclusive tracks: A cover version of “A strange kind of Love”, bowing deeply to PETER MURPHY’s original despite a thoroughly independent club attitude, the intensely pulsating “All These Moments” and the moving ballad “Wasted Wings”. A uniquely diverse mixture of Industrial Pop, EBM, Trance and mature songwriting convincing with emotional depth! Incl. remixes by [:SITD:] and others
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InfraRot item number:2006.845
Label's catalogue number:TRI 405
1.Waiting To Be Born (Rework)
2.A Number And A Name (Stripped Down)
3.First Time (S.I.T.D. Remix)
4.A Strange Kind Of Love
5.All These Moments
6.Wasted Wings
7.Waiting To Be Born (Full Version)
8.War On Error (Ivardensphere Remix)
9.If You Don't Stop It (Hazardous Dub)