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Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone

"In The Heart (limited)"


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Release: 2018
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Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - In The Heart (limited) LP

On the 20TH Anniversary of Rozz Williams death, April 1, 2018 DARK VINYL & CULT EPICSare releasing the long awaited DREAM HOME HEARTACHE Tour recordings, featuring songsof Christian Death (“On the Altar”) & songs of the ‘Dream Home Heartache’ album by Rozz &Gitane (“In the Heart”). Both will be released on two limited Vinyls and a 2CD Set.All 3 releases features specially designed artwork by Herbert Starek.The limited 2CD comes as Digipack with 3 Bonustracks (which are not on the vinyl edition) and16-Page Booklet (with liner notes by Nico B & Gitane Demone & Tour photos), the limited Vinylcomes with one Bonustrack each (which are not on the 2CD edition).
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Label:Dark Vinyl
1.A1 Dream Home Heartache
2.A2 These Vulnerable Eyes
3.A3 A World Apart
4.A4 Pope’S Egg Hat
5.A5 Moon Without A Tear
6.B1 Flowers
7.B2 Moon Without A Tear
8.B3 Dream Home Heartache Reprise
9.B4 Time