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"Deccarah (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2012
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Rukkanor - Deccarah (Limited Edition) CD

Rukkanor is Robert Marciniak also mastermind with Marcin Bachtiak by Cold Fusion. Rukkanor ambitiously combines the orchestral bombast of The Protagonist with the thundering rhythm of Sephiroth, and throws in middle eastern music, woodwinds, and gregorian chants, with a few songs is the back ground atmospere a remains of old Dead Can Dance or Enya. Fanstastic combines the orchestral neoclassic and martial sound!

Its's a 11 track CD (49min) in jewel case white tray and 4 page bookled. It's handnumbered and limited to 300 copies.
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InfraRot item number:2011.516
Label's catalogue number:SLCD018-12
1.Before The Dawn
3.Warriors Of God
4.Rivers Of Light Sea Of Shadows
6.In War We Trust
7.Song Of The Damned
8.The Commandment
9.Vir Triumphalis
11.A New Dawn