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"Hearts Utd."


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Release: 2020-10-16
Status: New release in 19 days
RX-101 - Hearts Utd. LP

"Hearts Utd." (suction052) is an addendum to RX-101’s recent 2LP “Serenity”, featuring 5 additional caustic braindance assaults from the archive, alongside a brand new remix of Serenity standout cut “Hearts Utd.” by the mysterious IDM producer Brainwaltzera.

On “Hearts Utd.”, RX-101 delivers more scorched, crunchy jackhammer beats, combined with emotional, plaintive pads, delivering a classic set of vintage-Rephlex-style bliss, à la AFX, Caustic Window, and Cylob.

Comes housed in a reverse-board jacket with full-colour-picture inner-sleeve.
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1.Hearts Utd. (Brainwaltzera Remix)
2.Core Stage 101
3.Switched Phases
5.Aria #3