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"Late Night Tales"


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Release: 2014
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Röyksopp - Late Night Tales 2LP

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1.Daddy's Groove
2.Rare Bird · Passing Through
3.Little River Band · Light Of Day (2010 Digital Remaster)
4.Tuxedomoon · In A Manner Of Speaking
5.Vangelis · Blade Runner Blues
6.Ice Machine
7.Jóhannsson~Jóhann · Odi Et Amo
8.F.r David · Music
9.Prelude · After The Goldrush
10.Richard Schneider Jr · Hello Beach Girls
11.Bilk~Acker · Stranger On The Shore
12.Dolby~Thomas · Budapest By Blimp
13.Bryne · Love You Out Of Your Mind
14.Vollenweider~Andreas · Hands And Clouds
15.Martyn~John · Small Hours
16.XTC · The Somnabulist (2001 Digital Remaster
17.This Mortal Coil · 'till I Gain Control Again
18.Popol Vuh · Aguirre I Lacrime Di Rei
19.Benedict Cumberbatch · Flat Of Angels Part 2