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"The Big Cut (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Sadman - The Big Cut (Limited Edition) CD

Limited Edition of strictly 300 copies! The first new album release in years from Memento Materia, the Swedish label that first established such classic acts as MESH, COVENANT, COLONY 5, RUN LEVEL ZERO, BACKLASH, MICHIGAN and many others!

After three digital download/streaming singles ("Animals", "You Got Me" and "Big Cut") during autumn 2015, Swedish synth pop act Sadman are here with their third album "The Big Cut". After lots of problems with a French label, the work and production of the third album has been with huge delays. Finally finished, expect nothing less than a real masterpiece!

Lasse Fernstrom and Mattias Raftegard deliver smart melodies and modern soundscapes in the slower passages of pieces as "Saved" and "Fragile", but also more uptempo songs with decadent baselines and catchy tunes. This is as electronic pop should sound as of today and has brought Sadman their trademark of quality in the Swedish electronic pop scene. They have a very fresh and up to date emotional sound with details in harmony and vocals backed up with dreamy choir and female vocals.
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Label:Memento Materia
1.Distorted Fairies
2.Big Cut
7.You Got Me
9.Dark Night
10.King Of A
11.Great Lord