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"Monocyte (White/Black Vinyl)"

LP + Single/7"

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Release: 2015
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Saltillo - Monocyte (White/Black Vinyl) LP + Single/7

Genre: electronic / trip-hop / industrial

Limited GATEFOLD in special paper. White 12" and Black /2 Vinyl

Saltillo. Monocyte. The full album experience, on vinyl. The soundtrack to menton3's Monocyte comic was released in 2012 on CD. An EP vinyl version was released later that included ex-clusive remixes, but the full CD never saw a wax edition. That is about to change. This new Monocyte vinyl will be issued as a 1LP+7" inside a gatefold sleeve with special paper to simulate the textured painting style of menton3. It will contain all the tracks that originally appeared on the CD.
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1.A1 Abeo
2.A2 Proxy
3.A3 If Wishes Were Catholics
4.A4 The Right Of Action
5.A5 They All Do It The Same
6.B1 Gatekeepers
7.B2 I Hate You
8.B3 Forced Vision
9.B4 Hollow
10.B5 The Locus Priory
11.C1 Veil
12.D1 To Kill A King