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"One minute to twelve"


Veröffentlichung: Februar 2017
Status: Versandbereit in 3-5 Tagen
Samhain - One minute to twelve CD

it has been almost ten years since the debut release of this already iconic figure of slovakian dark scene. well-known trio from hlohovec have reported to us with new apocalyptic work in full deployment and experimentation in electronic waters. long-time sleep hasn’t taken anything from this gentleman’s from their intensity and their inactivity on music scene was probably only a search in spacetime. new samhain will certainly be the appetizer for every industrial enthusiast. this time this sleeping trio mixes a cocktail of hypnotic electronics, idm and powerful industrial wrappings standing on the noise base of this remarkable project. apocalyptic colossus which from the start encourages the catastrophe message. industrial bandages covered with electronic dust and movie surfaces in which spins melodic transfusions of live percussions and beautiful atmospheres. new samhain is back. stronger, sharper and again more emotional.
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Label:Aliens Production