InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2016
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Sandblasting with Deathmaker/Infernal Noise/Quaver - Acidnoise Roots LP

Limited edition of strictly 150 copies, incl. Sticker.

“Acid Noise Roots”: may be we are approaching a new music style? 5 new and previous unrealesed tracks by Infernal Noise and SANdBLASTING plus 1 track by “The Deathmaker”. This release is a mix between hard acid 303 bass line, heavy feedback pushed to the boundaries of frequencies, to the audible tollerance of any human being, noisy analog modular shots, harsh industrial sounds and distorted and full saturated melodies.

The tracks running from a minimum of 160 bpm to extreme breakcore fill in. Produced by Paolo Scapellato and Luca Torasso, the final mastering has been entrusted to the experienced and always awesome hands of Eric Van Wonterghem at Prodam Berlin. As in his previous conceptual releases, for this extreme one, Luca took inspiration for the new tracks from the Buri-Buri Japanese torture (trying to recreate with frequencies and rhythms the extreme violence and confusional state of the tortured ones) and from the dark heavy atmosphere of the unreachable masterpiece “The Hitcher”.
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1.A1 Deathmaker: Vai A Fanculo Stronzo
2.A2 Infernal Noise & Quaver: Doomed To Die
3.B1 Sandblasting: Noisocomion
4.B2 Sandblasting: Buri Buri