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"Etat de l’Art"


Veröffentlichung: 2019
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
SANS-FIN - Etat de l’Art CD

In Hands Paper Pack!

HANDS welcomes Leipzig-based DJ Hells: After three well-received albums on the Raumklang label he joins the HANDS roster with his most upfront release yet. Positioned right between modular, techno and ebm inspired dance floor appeal and armchair listeningcompatibility, this is truly state-of-the-art electronic entertainment. “Etat de L'Art” brings on nine rhythmic tracks with an engaging flow of melodic backdrops and subtly nuanced sound design, plus remixes by  Hottek and now-labelmate 16pad Noise Terrorist. The track titles of “Etat de L'Art” all refer to parts of machinery, and truly everything works like a well-maintained factory. Clocking in between 6 and 10 minutes, all tracks get the space to breathe, to unfold a signature identity.
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1.Connexion Équipotentielle
2.Vanne De Régulation
3.Le Pilotage
4.Pompe Á Engrenages
5.Course De Piston
6.La Bague-Joint
7.La Compétence
8.Tuyau De Guidage
9.Être En Panne
10.Tuyau De Guidage ( Hottek Remix)
11.Cadencer Son Pas (16Pad Noise Terrorist Remix)