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Santa Hates You

"Rocket Heart"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Santa Hates You - Rocket Heart MCD

The creative strength of Peter Spilles is inexhaustible. With the brilliant Project Pitchfork album "Dream, Tiresias!" still ringing in our ears, he follows it up with the EP "Rocket Heart" from his unconventional project Santa Hates You.

Stomping beats, driving sequencers and apocalyptic sounds are skilfully mixed with dark, aggressive vocals. Peter Spilles und his Italian partner in crime Jinxy give us, in an unexpected and seductive way, a musical kick up the arse which lends the whole an unnaturally sexy character.

Santa Hates You are loud, ...
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InfraRot item number:2004.931
Label's catalogue number:TRI 381
1.Rocket Heart
2.Rocket Heart (Straftanz Remix)
3.Rocket Heart (Axxl E. Remix)
4.Rocket Heart (Skyla Vertex Remix)
5.The Bonus 1.0
6.Rocket Heart (Soman Remix)
7.Rocket Heart (Reaper Remix)