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Release: 2014
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Saturmzlide - Lazercowboys CD

In Hands Paper Pack.Meet the laZercowboys, a bunch of high-spirited astronauts who are hurtled into deep space after losing control over their technology…Concept meets catchiness on SaturmZlide’s second HANDS album, which soundwise features a gripping mixture of space atmospheres, vocoder voices, extra-terrestrial grooves and, of course, tough industrial rhythms. “laZercowboys&rdq uo; is extremely club-compatible, but also a strong recommendation for home listening through its flawless production value - and its unique leitmotif.

The intro “Earth Shine” sets ...
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Label's catalogue number:D209
2.Cosmic Highway
4.Canopus Flight
5.Lost In Space
6.What’S Out There?
7.Type 999 Borading
8.Some Form, Some Dimension
9.Callisto Ghost
10.Black, Deep And Vast
11.Super Type 999
12.Every Grain Of Sand
13.Planet Home