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Scapa Flow

"The Core 0788 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: August 2018
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Scapa Flow - The Core 0788 (Limited Edition) CD

It REALLY does not become more CULT than this!!!!

For sure one of the most respectable Swedish cultbands in the EBM scene, Progress Productions now re-release the bands absolute first demotape "The Core" released exactly 30 years ago. The tape has been remastered at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg (one of Swedens absolute topstudios) by mastermind Hans Olsson Brookes. "The Core 0788" holds classic tracks like "Sins" or "Late October" and “Servent” (from the legendary 1989 ‘Trans Europa compilation) in never heard before rare demoversions. Even though 30 years old and a demo, it is VERY easy to understand why they got signed toFront Music Productions back then. A piece of Swedish EBM history and an essential part in everyones collection.
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Label:Progress Prod.
3.Late October
5.Blood N´ Guts
7.Pyscho T. Ulf Ekman
8.The Core