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Scarlet Leaves

"Deep Sad Frustration"


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Release: 2015
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Scarlet Leaves - Deep Sad Frustration CD

Unlike "Outlining States of Mind", that brought more lyric and sentimental lines, in this new album we explore another side of Scarlet Leaves. "Deep Sad Frustration" still keeps the idea of bringing songs and lyrics with abstract and elaborated contents, but the instrumentation brings more orches-trated lines and highlights the acoustic componens such as violas, cellos and violins, while some of the percussions appear more intense. The guitars are still wandering according to every sound and the electronics are more profound and present than on the bands highly praised debut – even the vocals – still soft but less lyrical – appear much more mature and secure. In short: an album that represents a very strong musical development for this gifted act! "Luxuriae" is a very poetic track, dealing with one of the seven deadly sins: Lust, while ‘Dust and Silence" travels in hope and confusion, reflected in tears through pain. The idea behind "Godfor-saken" was narrating a story through the eyes of an angel abandoned by God, whereas in ‘Per-sephone Garden" the band fled a bit from the idea of the other songs to tell their own version of the story of Persephone and Hades, characters in Greek mythology. And finally "Misth" is myster-ious as always. It's up to the listeners to interpret what it means to them…
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1.Deep Sad Frustration
2.The Misfortune
3.Dust And Silence
6.Persephone Garden
8.Misth (Ashes To Ashes)
9.Catch The Breeze (Slowdive)
10.Alma (Moritz Schoenermann 80's Mix)