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"Die Stimme Drängt (Limited Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl)"


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Release: February 2020
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Schwefelgelb - Die Stimme Drängt (Limited Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl) LP

Cititrax release a new EP entitled Die Stimme Drängt by Schwefelgelb, a techno body music duo from Berlin. Known for their bombastic strobe-lit live performances and immaculate studio production, their sound can be described as heavy, apocalyptic electronic body music for the club. They often play their synths intentionally detuned, and find harmony in disharmonious melodies paired with strong, steady rhythms and sparse, abstract vocals. They have had the opportunity to tour all over Europe as well as America and East Asia several times now. It is no surprise that their releases sell out quickly and are often re-pressed due to their popularity in the techno scene and beyond. The Die Stimme Drängt EP is their first original EP since 2018, the year they put out their highly acclaimed ‘Aus Den Falten’ which fiercely hit the DJ circuit and left a great impression. Their music has been played by DJs like Silent Servant, The Hacker, Helena Hauff, Veronica Vasicka, Regis, Samuel Kerridge, Phase Fatale, Adam X, Front 242, Jensen Interceptor, Tommy Four Seven and more.

Schwefelgelb’s Die Stimme Drängt EP is limited to 500 copies pressed on fluorescent yellow 160 gram viny
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1.Die Dünne Hand
2.Auf Die Erde
3.Die Augen Gehen
4.Das Bild Das Wiederkehrt