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Scripta Sensus

"Conscious And..."


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Release: 2009
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Scripta Sensus - Conscious And... CD

Scripta Sensus's debut album full title is "Conscious and Unconscious Subjective Reactions to Inward and Outward Irritants Impression"... and is an ascetic dark ambient audio communion deeming the inconstancy of values. The album offers a very unique, original and interesting neo-folk type of music with the hint of The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud (pre-Der Blutharsch).

Compared to TMLHBC, this project is still raw but they really have potential and this their debut promises a lot for a bright future! Matters of great importance and priority tend to lose their weight under the pressure of unexpected circumstances. Here you have tranquil string vibes, yearning bugles and martial percussion elements with occasionally trolling historic radio and other speech samples from the bosom of Scripta Sensus. This limited edition comes in a digipak.
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1.Post Factum
3.Entity, Breather And Death
4.Mirusas Filogenezes Popurijs
6.Hidden Under The Mask Of Comrade
7.Dzivibu Raza
9.March Of Events
11.Scripta Sensus