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Seabound & Iris

"Radiant Turbulence (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Seabound & Iris - Radiant Turbulence (Limited Edition) MCD

Special limited edition, manufactured for/originally available exclusively at the recent SEABOUND ‚Speak in Storms‘-Tour with Iris and Architect only.

The limited "RADIANT TURBULENCE" EP includes long sought-after, 18-year-old and un-released Seabound material, fully remastered with re-recorded vocals, an exclusive Architect remix plus 2 exclusive songs by IRIS: 1 song from the upcoming new album (see further down) and an exclusive remix of the track ‘Phenom’.

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1.Seabound · Molly (Re-Recording From 1996 Demo)
2.Seabound · Science (Re-Recording From 1996 Demo)
3.Seabound · A Grown Man (Architect Remix)
4.Iris · Phenom (Elevated Mix)
5.Iris · Cries Of Insanity