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Release: 2018
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Seadrake - Isola CD

Isola is the highly awaited first album of synthpop supergroup Seadrake, with members of synth acts Lowe, Akanoid, Statemachine, Minerve and metal band Dark Millennium.Isola has been recorded outside Köln (Germany) together with producer Olaf Wollschläger (And One, Mesh) and mastering legend John Cremer (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk).The music on Isola is NOT ground breaking and unique as most bands would say, but rather the collected sound of three persons growing up in divided Cape Town (South Africa), socialist Stockholm (Sweden) and communist Berlin/ Schwedt (East Germany) with bands like Depeche Mode, Front 242, Motörhead and maturing on NIN, Celldweller, Serge Gainsbourg. Simplified, it’s synthpop, it’s new and it’s great and synthpop/rock, period!Seadrake’s previous single Lower Than This (Someday) featuring Seabound-singer Frank M. Spinath reached top positions on the German alternative charts (GEWC & DAC).Isola will be released digitally and as a limited CD-digifile Friday 27 April 2018.
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1.What You Do To Me
2.Get It On
3.On The Run
4.Something Durable
5.Room 316
6.Lower Than This (Someday)
7.Die Of Temptation
8.Conformity Loves Company