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"Lower Than This (Someday) (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2017
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Seadrake - Lower Than This (Someday) (Limited Edition) MCD

The synthpop supergroup Seadrake has teamed up with Seabound-singer Frank M. Spinath for the brand new single Lower Than This (Someday).

– ”Lower Than This” has become an immediate favourite for everyone I’ve played it to. It’s about time that it finally sees the light of day, says singer Frank M. Spinath of Seabound.

With the release of Lower Than This (Someday) Seadrake present a superb mix between synthpop, electronic rock and industrial music with the fantastic voice of singer Frank M. Spinath. Frank’s voice and dark poetry together with the sounds and the powerful production of Seadrake is a great example of synthpop at it’s best.The single contains remixes by South African based artist Acretongue and German electronic wizard Daniel Myer (Haujobb) who is well known for his remixes for artists like Front 242, Covenant and Recoil (Alan Wilder, ex-Depeche Mode).
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1.Lower Than This (Someday) – Single Edit
2.Lower Than This (Someday) – Daniel Myer Cut Short Remix
3.Lower Than This (Someday) – Acretongue Remix
4.Lower Than This (Someday) – Daniel Myer Extended Remix
5.Lower Than This (Someday) – Album Version