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"On The Run (Extended)"


Release: 2017
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Seadrake - On The Run (Extended) MCD

SEADRAKE is the new synth SUPERGROUP, consisting of singer Hilton Theissen (AKANOID), machinewizard Mathias Thürk (ex MINERVE) and bassist/keyboardist Rickard Gunnarsson (LOWE, STATEMACHINE).It’s been over 2 years since the electro and synthpop scene was graced with Seadrake’s debut single ON THE RUN, a dark driven electro/rock hit for autobahns and night trains. Musically the song can be described as synthpop with throbbing bass lines and a touch of rock.To celebrate the release of Seadrake’s upcoming debut album ISOLA, the band has decided to re-release ON THE RUN as an extended single with new unreleased remixes.Seadrake’s previous single LOWER THAN THIS (SOMEDAY) reached #4 at the German Electronic Charts and #12 on the official German Alternative Charts.
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1.On The Run (Single Edit)
2.On The Run (Paralyzed Remix)
3.On The Run (Sascha Beguhl Remix)
4.On The Run (Different Mix)
5.On The Run (Scape Mix)