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Sebastian Bach

"Bring'em Bach Alive"


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Release: 2002
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Sebastian Bach - Bring'em Bach Alive CD

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Label:Eagle Rock
1.Rock 'n' Roll [Live]
2.Done Bleeding [Live]
3.Superjerk, Superstar, Supertears [Live]
4.Blasphemer [Live]
5.Counterpunch [Live]
6.Slave To The Grind [Live]
7.Frozen [Live]
8.18 & Life [Live]
9.Beat Yourself Blind [Live]
10.Riot Act [Live]
11.Mudkicker [Live]
12.In A Darkened Room [Live]
13.Monkey Business / Godzilla [Live]
14.The Most Powerful Man In The World [Live]
15.I Remember You [Live]
16.Youth Gone Wild [Live]