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Secret Discovery

"Truth, Faith, Love"


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Release: March 2023
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Secret Discovery - Truth, Faith, Love CD

Genre: Dark Wave. When Secret Discovery got into the time machine in 2006 they didn't know that they would get out in 2023, 17 years later with an all new album. The creative break didn't hurt at all. The result are 9 brand new songs - from atmospheric, melodic and indie-heavy to brute, metallic and hard, the songs present themselves in the old Secret Discovery manner with a good shot of musical maturity. Catchy hooks, hypnotic melodies between nostalgia and aggressiveness embedded in round arrangements and expressive harmonies - brought to the point by Kai Hoffmann's charismatic voice. Characteristic is the perfect symbiosis of rock and electronics, typical for the Secrets. Songs about love, hate and human abysses as well as about social and societal grievances weave the thematic thread of the new longplayer. The band itself says: 'We are proud to finally present a new album after this long time. Created without time pressure and without external influences. More than ever we have the feeling to have produced the perfect album
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1.Truth, Faith, Love
2.I Can't Breathe
4.Nimm Mich Mit (Feat. Felix Stass / Crematory)
5.The Gun
6.I Cry
7.Alles Versucht
8.Don't Stop Dreaming
9.What If