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Secrets Of The Moon

"Sun (Complete Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Secrets Of The Moon - Sun (Complete Edition) Box

"Complete Box" incl. 2CD hardcover artbook, gatefold 2LP, bonus LP incl. the tracks of the bonus CD and several artprints (ca. 30x30cm) (400 copies available)

The sun is both source of warming light and all-devouring fireball. Secrets Of The Moon have named their sixth album after it, since it stems from the immediate experience of becoming and perishing, of ending and starting anew - not only in the musicians' private sphere but also within the band itself.In the wake of existential experiences, the new line-up created the band's boldest and most intense album to date. On "Sun", Black Metal is less of a dogma but intuitively transferred into a context of universally dark music, expressing the artists' spiritual catharsis and growth without restrictions.If with this album, Secrets Of The Moon represent one particular style in 2015, it is their very own, saturated with unwavering self-confidence and the will to live.
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1.No More Colours
2.Dirty Black
3.Man Behind The Sun
5.Here Lies The Sun
6.I Took The Sky Away
7.Mark Of Cain
8.Man Behind The Sun (Alternative Version Feat. Aðalbjörn Tryggvason And Rayshele
9.Dirty Black (Sp Remix By Sanford Parker)
10.Hole (Statiqbloom Rmx By Fade Kainer)
11.I Took The Sky Away (Swinging Into The Drt Rmx By Sun Of The Sleepless)
12.Man Behind The Sun (Remix By Vicotnik)
13.Until The Sun