InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Section 25

"From The Hip"


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Release: 2015
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Section 25 - From The Hip 2CD

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1.The Process
2.Looking From A Hilltop
4.Prepare To Live
5.Program For Light
7.Beneath The Blade
9.Looking From A Hilltop - Restructure (Fac 108)
10.Looking From A Hilltop - Megamix (Fac 108)
11.Dirty Disco Ii (Fbn 45)
12.Dirty Disco Ii (Premix)
13.Beating Heart - 12" Remix
14.Back To Wonder - 12" Version
15.Beating Heart - 12" Version
16.Looking From A Hilltop (Bbc Session)
17.Reflection (Bbc Session)
18.Warhead (Bbc Session)
19.The Process (Demo)
20.Looking From A Hilltop (Demo)
21.Prepare To Live (Demo)
22.Reflection (Demo)
23.Desert (Demo)
24.Program For Light (Demo)
25.Looking From A Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)
26.Reflection (Young Image)