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Release: 2017
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Seeming - Sol 2CD

"NEXT TIME LET'S GET RAISED BY WOLVES," bellows Seeming's new album, SOL. Subtitled ‘A Self-Banishment Ritual’, this second album by the NY-based postgothic act breaks rich new ground: vintage funk and psychedelic soul swirl into unlikely harmonies with synth-driven pop, heady noise, and mercilessly post-human politics. This is a landmark record by Alex Reed (formerly of ThouShaltNot; author of Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music). SOL bares fractured humanity, practices apocalyptic shamanism, raises the ghosts of 1970s pop, and ultimately claims a rare freedom. Co-produced with Daniel Myer (Haujobb), SOL boasts guest appearances by Pitchfork favorite S∆MMUS and Japanoise legend Merzbow. Standout tracks include the outsider anthem "Stranger," vocoder ballad "I love you Citizen," the explosive "Talk about Bones," and "If I were you," a song transcribed from a posthumous performance by Jhon Balance (Coil) in a dream. Seeming's debut ‘Madness & Extinction’ was called Album of the Year by leading dark music blog I Die: You Die, and their single "The Burial" was named song of the year by AModelOfControl. The band's Worldburners EP reached #1 on Bandcamp's overall sales charts. SOL is the next chapter: the world after the world. A 2017 tour is in the works.
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2.If I Were You
4.The Unspeaking
5.Stranger (Feat. S∆Mmus)
8.Phantom Limb
9.The Forgetting Room
10.I Love You Citizen
11.The Wildwood
12.At The Road's End (Feat. Merzbow)
13.Talk About Bones
14.Yes, Artemis (Feat. Krys Cannon)
15.City Of The Faceless
16.Phantom Limb (Classic Mix)
17.Stranger (Feat. S∆Mmus) (Remix By Null Device)
18.20 Goto 10
19.The Wildwood (Single Mix)