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"Worldburners (White Vinyl)"


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Release: July 2020
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Seeming - Worldburners (White Vinyl) Single/7

Limited edition of strictly 100 copies worldwide in White vinyl and full colour sleeve!

Following Seeming's album-of-the-year winning ‘Madness & Extinction’ and their experiment with the 8-Track Musicasette format comes ‘Worldburners’, an arson-themed EP that expands and deepens Seeming's endtime pronouncements. ‘Worldburners’ blasts listeners into electro-punk territory with the bagpipe-filled scorcher "Worldburners Unite," sludges through industrial wastes with the Swans-inspired "My Body is always screaming," and offers fiery alternate versions of "Goodnight London" and the title track. While Seeming gear up to record their 2nd album, the Worldburners’ EP clears a pyromanic path for what lies ahead!

100 copies on white vinyl. 200 copies on black vinyl.
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1.A1 Worldburners Unite
2.A2 Goodnight London (Wireless Version)
3.B1 My Body Is Always Screaming
4.B2 Worldburners Unite (World Gone Dark Mix)