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"Constant Fight (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2009
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Seize - Constant Fight (Limited Edition) 2CD

It took more than 60 months for Seize to complete the follow-up album to their brilliant "The Other Side Of Your Mind" CD. An extremely long wait for the fans who will now soon be rewarded for their patience and faith in this talented London-based act. During this time Sandi, Rosie and Steven went through tough personal problems, experienced severe computer trouble that erased a nearly completed album. Against all odds, they survived their heavy doses of frustration, each time fighting back and gaining energy from their steadily successful live shows. Meanwhile they continued experimenting with new gear and other production software, multiple collaborations with other artists and in the end, Seize simply returned stronger and more mature than ever before in this constant fight, called "life". "Constant Fight", Seize's 3rd album is full of Electro House styled music with a British Pop touch. Be open-minded and imagine a jam session between Kosheen and Daft Punk, and even though we're quite close to this envision-jam session, Seize has its own identity featuring iSandi's brilliant soaring vocal talent. Break Beat loops, melodic piano strings, electro dance sequences, tight guitar riffs, a touch of laid-back trip-hop and alluring female vocals... all nicely presented in as faultless production work. An album to play at maximum volume to enjoy its full vibe. The Dance scene will also enjoy the bonus 15-tracker album "ReMatch" included in the deluxe limited box edition full of kicking club mixes and illuminating collaborations.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM2097DCD
1.Am I Just Like You?
2.Wishful Thinking
3.One Second Hallucination
4.Craving For More
5.Who's Your Teacher?
7.If Tomorrow Never Comes
8.Is There Another Way
9.Troubled Mind
10.Virtual Love
11.Fight For Your Constant Sun
12.Sick In The Head
13.One Second Hallucination (Olo Von Borg Remix)
14.Who's Your Teacher (Lucky 7 Remix)
15.Craving For More (Renegade Of Noise Remix)
16.Virtual Love (Kc Mix)
17.Fight For Your Constant Sun (IÑaki Santos+julius Mc. Flacher
18.Wishful Thinking (Olo Von Borg Mix)
19.If Tomorrow Never Comes (Isandi Mix)
20.Wishful Thinking (Goteki's Wish Upon A Star Destroyer Remix)
21.Craving For More (Push The Mushroom Mix)
22.Am I Just Like You (Chilled Out In February Mix)
23.Constant Sun (Deathboy Remix)
24.Virtual Love (People Theatre's Surreal Mix)
25.Craving For More (Graeme Norgate Desire Mix)
26.If Tomorrow Never Comes (Fredrik Muskos Saw Bra Rmx)
27.Wishful Thinking (Tibia Kickin' Mix)