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"Vitrioli (Black Vinyl)"


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Release: April 2018
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Selofan - Vitrioli (Black Vinyl) LP

With 4 acclaimed studio albums already under their belt, the Athens-based synth / coldwave duoSelofan announces “Vitrioli”, their fifth and most staggering album yet. A well-known purveyor ofallusive, synth-infused coldwave music and the driving force behind the Greek label, Dead Scarlet& Fabrika Rececords, Selofan followed the siren call of the 80’s goth sounds and minimalism,carving out their own spot at the forefront of independent wave music scene.Across "Vitrioli"s eleven heart-wrenching love songs and odes to the failures and hysterias of thesubculture, Selofan brilliantly express the band’s main themes they’ve been exploring since theirexistence: that there is dark humor in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laughand cry in the same breath – and get stronger.The sound of “Vitrioli” is intense, inflammatory and sometimes harrowing- the record taps into thedepths of madness: chanelling a lover’s call to arms, power of self-awareness and brutal rawnessof desperation, love and hate conflict colliding into devastating effects. Famously provocative,Selofan create an unpopulated dramatic realm where sad lovers shapeshift into a destructive,obsessive, ambitious persona with a driven desire.
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1.Give Me A Reason
2.Billie Was A Vampire
3.Black Box
4.I'm Addicted
5.Ist Die Liebe Tot ?
6.Un Amor Eterno
7.The Language Of Love
8.Living Scandal
10.Φουξια Χαμελαιων
11.Η Μοναξια Ειναι Της Μοδας