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Sepultura - Arise CD

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1.Arise (Reissue) (Album Version)
2.Dead Embryonic Cells (Reissue) (Album Version)
3.Desperate Cry (Reissue) (Album Version)
4.Murder (Reissue) (Album Version)
5.Subtraction (Reissue) (Album Version)
6.Altered State (Reissue) (Album Version)
7.Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Reissue) (Album Version)
8.Meaningless Movements (Reissue) (Album Version)
9.Infected Voice (Reissue) (Album Version)
10.Orgasmatron (Reissue) (Album Version)
11.Intro (Arise) (Reissue) (Album Version)
12.C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform) (Reissue) (Album Version)
13.Desperate Cry (Scott Burns Mix) (Reissue) (Album Version)