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Severed Heads

"Big Saints Reward (1988-1990 Dubs)"


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Release: June 2018
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Severed Heads - Big Saints Reward (1988-1990 Dubs) MLP

For some it might be Kraftwerk, but for me, my favourite electronic pioneers are probably Australia's Severed Heads. They were so far ahead of the game that they had to invent a lot of the technology they used. Inspired, playful, never boring and always sonically brilliant they pushed at the frontiers of electronic music more than most. By the late 80s they were pursuing a slightly more polished course and made a series of records that had the potential to reach a much larger audience. Possibly because of their name they never quite managed that, but they had several big club hits; the dub versions of which crossed over into the nascent house scene. I am honoured that I am able to make the dubs of those three 12"s from 1988 - 1990 available again.

On side A is “Greater ...
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