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She Hates Emotions

"Happy Pop Music"


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Release: November 2022
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She Hates Emotions - Happy Pop Music CD

The Melancholic Maniac is back! Blutengel-Mastermind CHRIS POHL is once more taking us on a melodic trip through his musical past: 80s romance with playful synths and irresistible wave appeal. An atmospheric journey through ‚Space & Time‘ by & with SHE HATES EMOTIONS.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.She Hates Emotions (Intro)
2.Space & Time
3.This Ain´t Good
4.She Takes Control
5.The One I Love
6.A Second Chance
7.Another Step Into The Future
8.This Is The End
9.Meant To Be Alone
10.No Time To Waste
11.Ich Will Hier Weg
12.This Ain´t Good (12" Extented Version)
13.Space & Time (12" Extended Version)
14.Space & Time (Radio Edit)