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She Past Away

"Belirdi Gece"


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Release: 2014
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She Past Away - Belirdi Gece CD

She Past Away is a dark-wave band from Turkey and their first, and so far only album has slowly been developping into a real cult release that in little more than 1 year looks back on not less than 3 Vinyl- and 2 CD re-releases!

The music features elements of 80's wave and post-punk, accompanied by retro drum machine beats and dark lyrics in Turkish sung in a unique style. The band was formed in 2006 already, but it was in February 2013 only, when their first album "Belirdi Gece” was released on vinyl and cd. Both first issues were sold out almost immediately.

This is the 2nd edition in digipak of the debut album, released in 2013.
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Label:Dead Scarlet
1.Sanrì (Hallucinations)
2.Ritüel (Ritual)
3.Monoton (Monotone)
4.Kasvetlì Kutlama (Somber Celebration)
5.Knsanlar (People)
6.Belirdi Gece-Musallat (The Night Emerged – Haunt)
7.Ruh (Spirit)
8.Kemir Beni (Gnaw At Me)
9.Bozbulanik (Murky Grey)
10.Içe Kapanis (Escape Within)