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She Spread Sorrow



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Release: 2021
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She Spread Sorrow - Mine CD

Much demanded CD edition of last year's sold out vinyl release, with 2 bonus tracks. "Mine" is the second release for the Italian artist Alice Kundalini with her solo project She Spread Sorrow. Between the dark rooms of an abandoned college, where whispers and obscene thoughts mingle, where little bells and distortions come together, the inner voices are fleeing to the rules of harmony to awaken a darker sound, hidden and deprived, of those who have something to hide. Ritual deathscapes, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics. The two bonus tracks, bringing the album to 46 minutes, are majestic, heavy and claustrophobic, perfectly complimenting this already intense masterpiece. 6-panel digipak.
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Label:Cold Spring