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"On Blackened Wings"


Release: 2015
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Shiv-R - On Blackened Wings CD

“On Blackened Wings” is the new remix album from SHIV-R, featuring track-for-track remixes of their latest album “Wax Wings Will Burn”, plus a couple of bonuses, for a total of 15 remixes by artists such as ∆AIMON, Thomas Rainer (L'Âme Immortelle), Nitronoise, Freakangel and remix contest-winner Thanosmylonas. The release, squeezed onto a limited edition-CD and also available digitally, takes the inimitable sounds of SHIV-R’s high-reaching third album, praised by Brutal Resonance zine as “thirteen tracks of haunting bliss and electronic mayhem”, and resurrects them in a new light; a new monster from the electro-industrial underworld!
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1.Asylum (Drag Remix By The Ladder)
2.Monster (Freakangel Remix)
3.Eye Of The Needle (Thanosmylonas Remix)
4.Territory (Cellmod Remix)
5.Wolves (Sleepless Droids Remix)
6.Chemical (Anti-Matter Remix By Nitronoise)
7.Dance The Apocalypse (Viral Millennium Remix)
8.Of The Machine (Acylum Remix)
9.Shadow With A Voice (Symbiote Remix)
10.Blood Rose (L’Âme Immortelle Remix By Thomas Rainer)
11.Payload (Riotlegion Remix)
12.Retina ([Snuff] Remix)
13.Lifelike (∆Aimon Remix)
14.Pharmaceutical Grade (Syndroid Remix)
15.God Is Art (Vandalized By Symbiote)