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Sid Le Rock

"Invisible Nation (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2022
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Sid Le Rock - Invisible Nation (Limited Edition) LP

The idiosyncratic musical style and production practices by Sheldon, Sidney Thompson (aka Sid Le Rock) are shaped by the DIY electronic-music movement that has encouraged his creativity to develop and thrive since the late ’90s. This is a contributing factor to his impressive discography that currently stands at twelve albums under his various aliases, including Sid’s collaborations with artists from various fields and musical genres such as Depeche Mode, DJ Koze, Placebo, and persistent impressions of the journeys he has made throughout the world as a result of his live music performances.

These invaluable experiences are the ...
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1.Raven (Fly On Me)
5.Muskie Lung
6.Blind River