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"Crumbs (limited deluxe)"


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Release: November 2018
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Sieben - Crumbs (limited deluxe) CD

First limited edition in thick super-deluxe Digipak and incl. bonus-tracks!

You want some? You want crumbs from the rich man’s table? You want dark overlords messing with world morality, or a furious, satirical, tweed-clad anti-hero? Welcome to Sieben’s new album, crumbs. Welcome to gothpunktronic. Elegant, up-beat and angry. A crafted manifesto of horror and verbal burlesque.
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1.I Will Ignore The Apocalypse
3.Is It Dark Enough?
4.Sleep Our Dream
5.The Overlords Are Back
6.30P Opera
7.Here Is The News
9.Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion
10.Sell Your Future
11.You Want Some?
12.Just Be A Lot Nicer
13.Liberal Snowflake
14.Forge A Better World
15.We Will Be Alright
16.Can You Hear The Wind Coming?
17.Here Is The News (Band Version)
18.Coldbloods (Band Version)