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Silence In The Snow

"Break In The Skin (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2019
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Silence In The Snow - Break In The Skin (Limited Edition) LP

Silence In The Snow's first release, "Break In The Skin", was originally released in 2016. It is a minimalistic and powerful undertaking where a simple and shimmering guitar shines through, creating a melodic and hypnotizing post-pop masterpiece accented by Cyn M.'s haunting vocals. At points, the album can be both eerie and beautiful, often straying into one another’s realms for only just a moment. It’s easy to get lost within the world Silence In The Snow has created.

Edition:- LP (180g, black vinyl) incl. padded innersleeve and lyric insert (250 copies available)
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1.Into My World
2.Mirror Eyes
3.Lost Gems
4.Silence In The Snow
5.20 Years
6.Break In The Skin
8.Into The Night
9.Small Ways