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Silent EM

"Citadel (Limited Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Silent EM - Citadel (Limited Vinyl) Single/7

Jean Lorenzo, known as Silent EM, fell into his solo project by chance. Before moving to New York City, where he now calls home, Jean had played guitar and bass in post punk and punk bands but found, upon his transition to a new city, he could create music singularly with synthesizers and drum machines. He records live in his own studio and sings in both English and Spanish with dramatic lyrical themes that include lies, disillusion, numbness of love and lost utopias. The influence of 1980s French coldwave and post punk is apparent in his uptempo, emotional songs. Silent EM released his first EP in early 2013 on cassette, followed by a 7" that same year, and has released music on both American and European labels.
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1.A: Citadel
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