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"Evolve (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Sinestar - Evolve (Limited Edition) 2CD

SINESTAR come from Bristol and release 'Evolve' their new album on conzoom Records. The tracks on 'Evolve' are not only innovative, but also musically bribe by a cool mixture of electronic and guitar sounds. Some of the songs on the new album were produced by Richard Silverthorn of MESH. And the musical near SINESTAR to MESH is unmistakable even to the rest of the songs on the album. Rarely electropop was so innovative, atmospheric and danceable, as is the case with the 14 titles of the ’Evolve' album.The limited edition of the 'Evolve' album contains a bonus CD with the 11 tracks comprehensive 'Fortunes Faded EP', which features many exclusive tracks. Several tracks were remixed by artists such as Republica, Parralox, Zoon politicon or People Theatre.
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Label:Conzoom Records
1.Ready Set Go And Die
2.The Madness Of Control
3.The Same Way
4.Stop The Clocks
5.Heart To The Fire
6.Fortune Faded
7.Running Home (Guest Vocals By Hannah Brownlie)
9.Avoiding The Silence
10.Time Expired
11.The Mirror Song (Guest Vocals By Ema Walter)
12.Chemical Romance
13.My Perspective
15.Fortunes Faded (Original Version)
16.Fortunes Faded (Republica Remix)
17.Fortunes Faded (Parralox Remix)
18.Fortunes Faded (People Theatre's Extended Matter Remix) *
19.Fortunes Faded (Rise Of The Machines Remix) *
20.Fortunes Faded (Pos 2 Remix) *
21.Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram Extended Remix) *
22.Fortune Faded (Sun Goes Down Mix By Zoon Politicon)
23.Fortunes Faded (Dmt Berzerk Extended Remix) *
24.Fortunes Faded (Sine City Remix)
25.Fortunes Faded (Rename Extended Remix) *