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"Is Europe Dying"



Release: 2011
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Sinweldi - Is Europe Dying CD

InfraRot sales rank:1,733
InfraRot item number:2009.224
Label's catalogue number:SLCD007-11
2.Chanson D'automne
3.Is Europe Dying?
4.The True Color Of The Wind
5.Rendez Vous
6.Love In Time Of War
7.Song For Clementine (With Front Sonore)
8.I'heure Du Berger
9.Alll The Things You Should Never Do
10.Love In Tme Of War (Gabe-Unruh RMX)
11.Europe Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (2011)
12.Revolution Conservatrice (Exclusive)
13.Sinweldi & Front Sonore - Mezs (Feat. Agnes P.)
14.The True Color Of The Wind (Gabe-Unruh RMX)
15.Europe Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (Art Abscons RMX)
16.Sinweldi (Striider RMX)
17.Sinweldi & Militia Die - Notre Victoire
18.I'heure Du Berger II