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Sir Joe

"The Observer"


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Release: 2011
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Sir Joe - The Observer CD

Sir Joe a.k.a. Sergio Bersanetti was the coordinator of Depeche Mode 1st Italian Fan Club founded by Giorgio Minale in the early 80's in Turin. In the 90's he started making his own first steps in composing music, using an Ensoniq SQ1 workstation, a Fostex 4 tracks recorder, a cheap microphone and an effect box. By the time computers became powerful stand-alone recording work-stations, he started relying upon music software only, whose flexibility in terms of sound choice and mixing techniques helped his music to develop from simple synth-pop tunes to more elaborate compositions spanning over a wide spectrum of the electronica sub genres.

'The Observer' is the most ...
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Label:Calembour Records
1.The Sign Of Virgo
3.She Doesn't Care
5.New Culture Theory
6.New World
9.The Losers Don't Like The Winners
10.The Observer