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"Trauma: Ritual"


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Release: 2017
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SITD - Trauma: Ritual 2CD

Welcome to the post-factual age! An ominous, sinister future lurks before us. On their seventh studio-album TRAUMA: RITUAL [:SITD:] reflect on the most critical issues of our times: fanaticism, irrationality and protectionism.

The incredibly danceable brand-new songs like GENESIS, COMPANION, CICATRIX and WALLS HAVE EYES amount gloomily, powerfully and morbidly to a menacing thunderstorm, while the lyrics keep digging heavily and deeply in the furtive, ruthlessly revealing the abyss of the human psyche.

TRAUMA: RITUAL is an almost ...
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1.[Puls:schlag] Feat. Dennis Schober 7:25
2.[Cicatrix] 4:52
3.[Genesis] Album Version 4:45
4.[Brother Death] Album Version 5:40
5.[Companion] 5:34
6.[Post-Factual Age] 4:34
7.[Mundlos] 5:00
8.[Walls Have Eyes] 4:55
9.[Elegie] 5:33
10.[Zenit] 8:12
11.[Genesis] Single Version 3:47
12.[Puls:schlag] Feat. Dennis Schober Club Version 5:55
13.[Incendium] Extended Version 5:55
14.[Mundlos] Intent:outtake Remix 5:37
15.[Brother Death] Aesthetic Perfection Remix 4:19
16.[Mundlos] Short And Crunch Remix 4:23