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"Capitalism – Continuing Crisis"


Veröffentlichung: Juli 2017
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S.K.E.T - Capitalism – Continuing Crisis CD

In Hands paper pack

After a hiatus of no less than eight years – during which S.K.E.T. were present nevertheless through continuing live performances and much recognized solo projects – one of HANDS’ cornerstone acts triumphantly returns with its fourth album. And “Capitalism - Continuing Crisis” is a frank homecoming to the S.K.E.T. roots – highly political,propelled by high-octane industrial beats, and revealing a good deal of electro influences. These 13 agitating floor fillers are a physical turn-on and food for thought at the same time, a feasible weapon in these bleak times of continuing crisis.
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1.New Dawn
2.Prepare For The Inevitable Struggle
3.Dash National States!
4.Terrorized To Consume
5.Dont Follow - Think Yourself!
6.Alternative Facts
7.They Dont Own Us, We Are Working Class!
8.Dump In Funny Money
9.Victor Hugo Daza (Water Is Right Rmx)
10.Recession Down!
11.Civil Disobediance
13.The End Of Capitalism