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"The Spirals of Great Harm"


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Release: February 2017
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Skullflower - The Spirals of Great Harm 2CD

Style: Noise / Industrial. Double-CD in 6-panel digipak! The new sprawling double disc from black noise classicists Skullflower, referencing Inferno 17, Dante and Virgil's spiralling descent into the abyss on demon Geryon. Full of harsh beauty and hymns for lost Albions, battle songs against the homogenisation of modern life! Hedgerows, tapestries, dream woods, dragon lands. After ‘Draconis’, we have been released to roam through the multiverse, fashioning trinkets and ornaments from jewelled sounds, and leaving them as waymarkers on our astral travels. We seem to be circling, encountering familiar territories, yet always changed, because these circles, from a true perspective; are all part of a great averse spiral, our pattern, our map, which is the terrain itself. You will hear hints and echoes of native keening, lush prog romanticism, and the charcoal textures of noise, but all subsumed within our alchemy, the unmistakable wellspring of sound that is SF.
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Label:Cold Spring
3.Tangled Light Of Isis
5.Thunder Dragon
6.Nectar And Venom
7.Fuck The New Estate
8.Rotting Jewelled Stormclouds
9.And Carthage Must Be Destroyed
11.Ice Nine
12.The Firebright And Linda Show
13.Yuggoth Within