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Slave Republic

"Songs For Sinners"


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Release: 2017
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Slave Republic - Songs For Sinners CD

New Electropop album, produced by Daniel Myer (Haujob) from the Berlin based act on Diary of Dreams’ label! The Berlin based duo presents the follow-up to their highly regarded 2013 album "Quest for Love“. The new album took shape after touring with Diorama and appearances at various Festivals. While Slave Republic stay true to their gothic roots, they introduce new elements to the scene. Fu and Alice combine elements of the Synthwave genre, dance elements and their songwriting skills to a new mix: "Synthwave-Noir". Slave Republic push into a new direction but keep the melancholic vocals and beats, which have become their signature elements. The well-established collaboration with Haujobb´s Daniel Myer continues on this third album, the Portuguese Telmo Serrano joined for this production. About Slave Republic: After their 2010 debut "Electric One" and shows with De/Vision, Diorama, Assemblage 23, Sono and numerous festival appearances (i.e. Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival, WGT Leipzig), their 2nd album "Quest for Love" sounded darker and more mature, while introducing a harder beat-focus to their sound. The new Slave Republic sound was introduced to a larger audience while joining Diorama on a tour and at festivals. With their third album "Songs for Sinners“ they will be special guests of Diary of Dreams on their tour in late 2017.
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1.Welcome (To The Slave Republic)
3.Deathless Dream
5.Something Inside You
7.Klarer See
8.Let's Play War
10.Dorian Gray