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Slow Fall

"Obsidian Waves"


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Release: June 2023
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Slow Fall - Obsidian Waves CD

With “Obsidian Waves”, Finnish metal act Slow Fall drop their second studio album on July 2nd through Out Of Line Music. Formed in Helsinki, Finland in 2009, Slow Fall have been making waves in the international music scene with their unique blend of melodic metal, progressive rock and atmospheric soundscapes.

Thematically heavily influenced by Finnish mythology and nature, the band's sound is characterized by soaring vocals, complex guitar work, and intricate rhythms that blend together to create a powerful and emotional sonic experience. “Obsidian Waves” will convince their already dedicated following of fans and new audiences alike and is bound to become a well-known masterpiece of the Northern metal world.
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Label:Out Of Line
2.Son Of Sleep
3.Obsidian Waves
5.Melancholy And Witchcraft
6.All The Blood
7.Reflections In The House Of Shadows
8.Reaper Of Days
9.Crown Of Dead Leaves