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"Selected Deep House Anthems"


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Release: 2016
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Smersh - Selected Deep House Anthems LPSmersh - Selected Deep House Anthems LP

Dark Entries returns to the New Jersey basement studio of Smersh to unearth a 4-track selection from the ‘Deep House Anthems’ cassette. Smersh was the duo of Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard, who began making music together in 1978. They were uninterested in traditional notions of songwriting or live performance. Recording in a domestic setting necessitated the abandonment of live drums for rhythm machines, and the Smersh sound would gradually change with each new bit of gear they acquired. The Electro-Harmonic Rhythm 12 gave way to TR606, TB303, and SH-09. Most Monday nights, they would write a new song from scratch. A couple hours later, the song was recorded, never to be performed again.

By 1988, they had already ...
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1.Rhythm Crash
2.The Home Circus
3.Motor Hum
4.Hard Wired