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"Medusa's Spell (Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2020
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Snakeskin - Medusa's Spell (Limited Edition) LP

Deluxe GATEFOLD-Cover – contains the 10 main Album Tracks!

The ALL NEW Snakeskin-Album, Tilo Wolff’s electronic project! In 2004, Tilo founded SnakeSkin as a side project to release more experimental musical ideas outside of the Lacrimosa context. The debut album was called “Music for the lost”. The 2nd album “Canta’tronic”, which was released 2 years later, followed a sligthtly different concept: Instead of Tilo’s distorted voices, many of the songs are performed by Kerstin Doelle, a highly acclaimed German opera singer, which in combination with the harsh electronic music creates a very unique style.

The 3rd SnakeSkin album “Tunes ...
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Label:Hall Of Sermon
1.A1 Loaded Guns
2.A2 Medusa
3.A3 Once
4.A4 Upon A Time
5.A5 Move On
6.B1 New Skin
7.B2 Don't Give Up
8.B3 Goodbye
9.B4 Fu*k U 2
10.B5 Recall Iv